York University in Toronto

A public research university, the York University in Toronto is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Canada. Established in 1959, the university has 11 faculties and offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. Aboriginal, visiting, mature, international, and transfer students are welcome to apply. The university also welcomes reactivating and returning students.

Schools and Departments, Faculty and Staff

The York University runs a number of schools and departments, among which Social Science, Public Policy and Administration, French Studies, Administrative Studies, and others. Faculty and staff comes from different fields and disciplines, including Fine Arts, Media, Humanities, Social Sciences, Communications, and others.

Degrees and Programs of Study

There are a number of programs of study available, including Anthropology, Children's Studies, Chemistry, Communication and Culture, Classical Studies, and Creative Writing, among others. Some programs are offered at the B.A. level only, for example, Criminology and Creative Writing. Other programs, for instance, Critical Disabilities Studies are offered as PhD and M.A. Cross-disciplinary certificates are also available, with a selection of programs offered. Students can choose from different certificate programs such as Indigenous Studies, Health Informatics, Urban Ecologies, Sustainable Energy, and South Asian Studies. The university also offers iBA degrees (International Bachelor of Arts), Graduate Diplomas, and Certificates. Students who pursue a degree in Drama Studies, for example, are offered a choice between an iBA and BA. Trilingual and bilingual options are available. Students benefit from a wealth of core courses and electives such as modern and contemporary drama, spatiality and spatial representation, early English drama, and many others. The geography program is also offered as an International Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Bachelor Degree. Students delve into subjects and topics such as biophysical processes, development, the environment, globalization, extreme environments, the state and power, and politics of difference. Students who choose a degree in Accounting are offered two options – Master's Degree and Certificate. The certificate program is offered by the School of Administrative Studies to help students gain in-depth knowledge of financial applications, corporate income and personal taxation, management and financial accounting, and a lot more.

Those who are looking forward to completing a PhD program are welcome to choose from different fields and programs. These include Visual Arts, Anthropology, Sociology, Theatre and Performance Studies, and Social and Political Thought, among others.

First-year students are free to opt for an undeclared or undecided major which allows them to declare a major further in their studies.

Some programs start in the fall term only while others start in summer, winter, and fall. There are also programs starting in fall and summer, for example, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Joint Programs

The York University and Seneca College offer several joint programs, including diplomas in Journalism, Creative Advertising, Broadcasting – Television, and Broadcasting – Radio. Certificate and diploma programs in Communication Arts are also available. Only undergraduate programs are offered.

Part-Time Studies

Students are also offered the option to enroll part-time, and there are a number of programs available. The list includes programs such as Biometrical Science, Biology, Applied Mathematics, East Asian Studies, Earth and Atmospheric Science, and so on. There is plenty of choice depending on the student's interests and strengths. Different departments and schools offer part-time studies, including the Lassonde School of Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Science, and others. Programs are offered as a Bachelor Degree, Professional Certificate, Bachelor of Science, International Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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