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  • ABEL Membership for RESEARCHERS:  The ABEL Program values research collaborations, which is why we partner with agencies, institutions, and organizations in the public and private sector to build capacity for technology-enhanced learning, training and teaching.
  • ABEL Membership for EDUCATORS:  In the education sector, ABEL unites teachers, students and leaders in order to develop innovative models for teaching and learning that make effective use of technology. As new technologies develop, we provide them to our members as tools and services.
  • ABEL Membership for HEALTH SECTOR:  Health Sector members use ABEL’s tools, services and resources to enhance practitioner and community learning and knowledge mobilization. Services can include technology learning programs, web hosting, streaming, and consulting services. 
  • ABEL Membership for Non-Profits:  ABEL offers non-profit members access to a selection of technology tools and services that help raise awareness, mobilize knowledge, and allow for connecting with members and stakeholders over distance.
  • ABEL membership for PRIVATE SECTOR organizations: ABEL equips private sector members with tools to boost product development, research, employee training, and outreach. Since ABEL works with partners across diverse fields, we tailor our services to meet your organization’s needs. 
  • ABEL membership for PUBLIC SECTOR organizations:  Public sector members benefit from ABEL’s tools and services as well as our relationships with the research and academic community.